Enjoy a deep delta wave sleep Meditation that will help you feel more Rested, Vibrant and even Happier! 


If you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep through the night

     This Meditation is for You

If you’re sick and tired of not being able to turn off your brain and fall asleep?

     This Meditation is for You my Friend


A recent study shows that

· 80% of Americans woke up very tired one to three days per week

· 38% wake up tired more than 4 days per week

· 51% of American teenagers say they feel tired and sleepy in school

Research shows that Lack of Sleep is directly correlated to obesity

When you can’t sleep well, you feel very tired, run down, you can’t even think right.

Things you used to Enjoy doing, don’t make you as Happy as they once did.

Just getting through the day can be tough and you spend much of it thinking about how tired you feel.


Do you ever think it might just be life? 


You know what I mean, kids, job, spouse, commitments, money, stress

Often just isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done.


So, many of us wake up early, fill our body with caffeine and sugary carbs just to stay afloat.

Then at night, we stay up too late, have a couple of cocktails or a sleeping aid to wind down just to repeat the cycle the next day

We imagine that we will have some time to catch up on our sleep on the weekend or on a vacation and everything will be fine.


Except sleep doesn’t work that way…


Every day You lose sleep, it can impact your health in a very negative way

From obesity, to depression and a list goes on…

Now is the time to change that.


You Deserve a Healthy body

and a beautiful Night sleep, is just the way to go


Take your Life Back!

So join me on this journey and let’s get you Sleeping Like a Bear in no time :)

Deel Delta Sleep Meditation

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