What to Eat to Reduce Belly Bloat

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What to Eat to Reduce Belly Bloat

Not only does bloating make it more difficult for you to button your pants, it’s also uncomfortable and can make you feel miserable. If you are prone to bloating, add these foods into your diet:

1. Lemon juice

Adding fresh lemon to either your hot or cold water can reduce the bloat. It aids in digestion and helps your body get rid of excess sodium.

2. Celery

Whether you eat celery stalks or put it in your smoothie, your stomach can appear to be flatter. It is a food that’s full of water and helps your body to flush out liquid.

3. Zucchini

This vegetable is another one that is full of water, but also it is very low calorie. It’s perfect for helping you feel fuller faster and reduce bloating in your stomach.

4. Lentils

These legumes are high in fiber which can help rid your body of impurities. Also, it is high in protein and it’s a complex carb to help you feel full for longer. Adding this into your diet will help you reduce your overall calorie intake.

5. Kimchi

Just like other fermented foods, kimchi has probiotic properties and can help your gut health. Boost your digestion and reduce the bloat by eating this regularly.

These are just a few foods you can add into your diet to keep your stomach healthy and happy.

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